Country Roads…

I got up early Saturday to go play at the Yarmouth farmers Market with my friend Connie. I had packed up my guitar and a satchel with some CD’s in it. It had started to rain which was good on account of it not raining a whole hell of a lot in Yarmouth this summer. It was damp and cool for most of the day. I took one last trip and filled up my water bottle and slipped and fell down a flight of steps. I hit my left elbow, my head and hit the water bottle in my right hand with such force that the screw on the cap came clean off somehow, but for the most part seemed ok and feeling somewhat silly. As the day progressed my neck started to bother me enough to tell me it was there. I guess sometimes breaking a leg takes a physical manifestation in music.

Despite my quick departure down the steps I was excited to be heading to the market to sing with Connie. I met Connie on the road to Stanfest songwriters camp last year and knew instantly that not only did she have a good heart but a great voice and a love for song writing. I grabbed a cup of coffee and a bagel sandwich at the market and started most of my conversations that morning with, “Hi I’m Patrick I fell down a flight a stairs this morning, how are you?”

Connie and I were singing some of our own tunes as well as some covers when this young man came up too us named Devon. He pointed at me and said I looked like John Denver and sounded like him. I thanked him for the complement and Connie being the ever intelligent musician began singing Country Roads. Too see his smile and glee was priceless and made our hearts extremely full. His mom told us he was visiting from Ottawa and heading back home either that day or the next. He then proudly got between me and Connie after we were done singing and we gave him a big hug as our picture was taken. I hope I get too see that picture one day, he made our day as much as we made his.

I had a 4pm slot at the coal shed festival and the rain had subsided. There was also a shark scramble going on the pier. I felt a little nervous that day because I was going to do something I had never done at a festival. Sing a song I wrote less then a week ago. I felt tremendous amount of emotion after the shooting in Frederiction that I wrote a song about it. “My Shining Light”. I had never worn my medals at a festival but considering it was the Regimental funeral that day for the two police officers killed I felt it was important to make that statement and too sing that song. I said a little prayer before I went on stage and I have to say the show and everything went amazingly well. I felt this incredibly feeling when I sung “My Shining Light”. I can’t really describe it but I felt I wasn’t the only one on stage. The entire show went so well and it truly was the best performance of my life. All I could think afterward was damn, I wish I had the audio and video lol. One of the sound guys came up too me after hit is heart and looked at me and said wow, that was amazing Patrick, heartfelt.

The day didn’t end there either I went out to see my friends Kelly and Darrell at a local camp ground. They mentioned the word food so of course I was there   I had some beers and sang around a camp fire and we talked pretty much about anything and everything and visited some other people and sang and talked some more. I eventually got back to where I was staying and called it a night.

I wanted to say a special thanks too Connie, Phil and Kelly who made my stay in Yarmouth that much more amazing. You can get really far in this world with great people and Yarmouth is full of them. 

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