That Guy from Moncton…

I was playing at the Miramachi folksong festival yesterday and as I often do driving I find my mind wanders from pondering deeper questions of life to working on new songs or covers. It also sometimes reminds me that life on the road can be a lonely place. I guess I’m still looking for my kind of crazy in this post military life which at times makes you feel vulnerable, but vulnerability is the same place where creativity, innovation and change can happen. It just requires some action.
It was a beautiful day on the Miramichi yesterday with full brightness and warmth shining down. The concert was at the lovely Kinsman Centre which has bright acoustics and warm atmosphere. One of the attendees and volunteers tracked me down after my performance as I sat down to a meal which I inhaled more than I ate an old military trick I learned and can’t seem to kick. They had mentioned to me after my performance this guy from Moncton was about too leave after hearing the previous performer play. As he was heading out the door he heard my first song and did an immediate U-turn, sitting and staying for my entire set and even bought a CD to listen too on the way back home to Moncton. I don’t write this too say look at me but from a place of appreciation and humility. I’m not sure how many musical U-turns have happened to people in their life but this story really struck a chord with me with that guy from Moncton. I have to admit when I’m playing whether it’s a campfire, pub or festival I give absolutely everything I got. It’s always me in the purest form. All the emotion and passion which often leaves me tired, but also happy.

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