It’s Certainly not lost on me what happened on this day four years ago or the song I wrote about it. When I heard of the shooting in Ottawa at work at CFB Halifax it really bothered me. When I got home as soon as I crossed my front door I didn’t go for food but straight for my guitar, a pen and paper. I don’t remember much other then feeling I need to capture how I felt about this and what it is truly like to be in the military and to serve.
I hope this song honors him and those who have and will serve our beautiful country in the future.
It’s Canada, the true north strong and free
Is our innocence lost, I don’t feel easy
In Ontario, a highlander is gone
But the shadow of his memory still lingers on
Together, Forever, no matter what dangers befall
We’ll fight good fight and stand against the night
Out of love we will answer the call Together, oh Together
As shots rang out, in liberties hall
A nations on its edge and in a moment could fall
But a hero at arms, well he shoots the man dead
And shrugs of the praise, thanks his teammates instead
I gave up my youth, for a country and a truth and my life
I gladly lay down
For Canada we bled, for the quick and the dead
Serving God, Country and Crown
Oh Canada, our true north strong and free(Same chords as chorus)
I love this land, I love this country
I stand in the breach when no one else is there
I will give up my life when no one cares
#together #Veteran #remember #folk #country #muiscthatmoves #music #original #musicnb #noisenb #Ottawan #Canada

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