After last weeks show in Pictou I had talked to a few people after the show, handed out a few cards and just enjoyed the sun going down on Pictou Harbour and me basking in the sun with the mill competing for my attention. I noticed as I was packing up my gear that a particular person had stayed around and I knew that they had enjoyed themelves on account they didn’t thrown any bottles or trash at me during the singing. I went over and said hello and started talking like I do and found out that they were really moved by me singing my song Canada especially after I said coast to coast. She explained she had just moved to Pictou as the new Presbyterian minster and that she came from Vancouver. I thought this quite peculiar because I grew up in that church and I hadn’t sung that song in quite a while. I certainly know what its like too move from one coast to the other and leave friends and family behind. Not an easy thing. Of course we talked about religion and such. Of changes in our lives, family dynamics and the like. How life was certainly not linear. I have to admit I enjoyed the conversation and its moments like these that I really really enjoy music. So please say hello if your in the Pictou area, send her some east coast love.

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