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What a long crazy journey its been in the last year.  Many highs and lows in this new musical life.  When I began this journey last year I was determined to create the best album I could possibly create.  I remember many people telling me I was nuts too create a 14 song Debut LP Album but I was determined to feature my songs in the best possible light.

Getting out of the military I have gone through many adjustments of moving, trying to adjust to an unfamiliar civilian life and dealing with physical and mental remnants of my service.  I am also trying to move far beyond a distant past I could ignore while I was deployed for many years.  I think on all levels everything is progress.

Music life is also a very unforgiving place but one that is making me stronger in areas I never knew existed.  I just want to thank everyone who believes in me and my music.  All the people who have come out to shows, shared hugs and even shared some of their own personal stories. For what is music other than a relationship with people and a story about our lives.

Too be nominated as Folk Artist of the year by Music NB and Fan Choice of the year is an honour but also a realization of a lot of hard work in the trenches to get to this point.  I’m still learning but trying to take the time I need for myself and also grow this music life too a point of similar success I achieved in my military career.  It’s hard but so is anything worth doing.

I will leave you with a link for voting for Fan choice.  Thank you so much for your love and support


Music NB Fan choice of the year   

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