Country of Me and You

In 2008 I have to admit it wasn’t really a good year for me. I joined some anonymous online forums(I know it sounds like an oxymoron) that dealt with child sexual abuse to try to gain some strength and perspective after confronting my abuser in 2007. I made a quick few friends and we held each other up and encouraged each other that summer as we were coming to grips with life and dealing with that abuse as kids and now adults. There were no real names just nicknames people came up with.
I remember one particular friend being suicidal and I was very concerned about them killing themselves and then I wrote this song. I don’t know where they are to this day because over time you lose touch.
If you’ve been hurt or people can’t you out. I care about you and you matter. I’ve never told anyone the story of this song til today and now you know. I also haven’t sung this song in a few years. It’s time to resurrect it.
You messaged me this morning and in help you did cry out
You were sick and tired of living and in life you had doubt
You felt there were no answers, you had tried everything
Sick and tired of dealing with your thoughts and mixed feelings
But too a place were going where nothing can break through
Too a place of safety called the country of me and you, of me and you
You tried but kept on stumbling then your life it all fell down
You got this sinking feeling and you wondered if you drown
And in your darkest hour when they lights they ran out
When your family had abandoned and
Your friends were casting doubts
Chorus X 2
You tried to walk the line
You tried to live in grace
Life had dealt you a bad hand
And you fallen on your face
When your strength is failing
When on life you want out
When your scars no longer healing
Just call on my name and shout
Chorus x 2

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