One of the biggest lessons in music is how to accept rejection. It often has nothing too do with you or even the quality of your music or character. The answer No is more appropriately a “Not yet” but it is also the reason when I do get a yes I try to cultivate a deep and meaningful relationships with musicians, venues, fans and the areas who accept and appreciate my music and allow me a platform or opportunity to share it on. It’s a classic belief that If you give a shit, I give a shit.
I also have a funny ritual that I do when I don’t get something that makes me laugh every time. Whatever you need to do to get it done. I think its so important in mental health to acknowledge things like this, I hope too see more seminars on mental health and even this topic because it is an integral part of the music business in fact you live this everyday in music.
I’ve been rejected by funding, awards, venues, festivals, record stores and even NFP’s. It’s a humbling experience. But I’ve also been accepted by funding, awards, venues, festivals, record stores and NPF’s. I’ve even had places that accepted me before and reject me now, or places that rejected me before and accept me now.
I really believe if your music is good and you are consistent that in time things do turn around. Ask anyone who has been doing this for a while but even as you grow in music politics and rejection are always there unless of course your Bruce Springsteen 🙂 There is always a new market and new relationships.
Although the actual songwriting and performance are very moving and uplifting things, the issue for me is already embracing and acknowledging mental health challenges. I walk this tight rope daily as a Veteran and maybe it is my lot in life and all our lives to build something stronger that you find uncomfortable in order that you grow. It’s like drinking courage everyday(non alcoholic) and testing your resolve.
This industry is already hard on you mentally and personally with driving long hrs, working weekends, touring around and constantly meeting new people and essentially winning a crowd over every night. It is an industry that gives you a big rejection hug daily. In my life I’ve constantly done things I’m afraid off. In the military it was a daily thing. I guess music should be no different.
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