Songwriting/Creative Writing lessons for Veterans with PTSD and Anxiety

I need your help.  Yes you reading this.  In last few weeks I’ve been trying to start up an initiative as part of my album release and cross Canada tour in October/November.  My goal is to teach songwriting/creative writing lessons for Veterans who have mental health issues in the places I play at zero cost.

I recognize that I am not a therapist but writing has been good therapy for me to make sense of the things that have happened in my life.  I suffer from Anxiety from military service but also from events in my life.  Anxiety for me is something that comes and goes that I cannot explain it other than that I feel it.  Music has certainly helped relieve a lot of it.

I’m trying to build up a national network for these lessons and too have partnerships with organizations to host and put these workshops on.  I just need to build up that network.  This is an ambitious undertaking but its certainly not about me as a person but about giving another tool for Vets too deal with trauma in their lives.

My physical needs for this project are places to conduct the lessons, a projector and money to buy pens and notepads for those taking part.

So far, I’ve contacted the local offices of Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC), Royal Canadian Legion(RCL) and operational stress injury social support(OSIS) network with some success.  This process is very much in its infancy with the first lessons being held in Saint John and Moncton around August.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or contacts please forward them to my email.

Thank you.


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